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Some Like it Hot Flight

Some Like it Hot Flight

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Travel to the Americas, Africa, and Indian to enjoy a few signature spicy flavors with our Some Like It Hot Flight.

Enjoy the spicy yet flavorful heat across 3 continents with Herby PoP’s Some Like It Hot Flight! Allow your taste bud the opportunity to enjoy the smoky heat of our Chipotle Crunch. Then embark on a journey to the Motherland and delight yourself with the spicy flavorful tradition of Jollof with our Jollof PoPs, a nod to a west African staple rice dish. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll tantalize your taste buds with the pungently sweet and spicy Indian flavor of our Masala Munch.

You’ll receive all 3 flavors in our Tote size (3oz.) bags.

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