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"Around the World" Flight

"Around the World" Flight

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The “Around The World” flight is a great way to enjoy all of our artisan flavors.

You get to enjoy all the flavors we offer in our 3oz. bag.

Flavors like:

Original Onion & Dill…zesty onion and herby dill

Black Hawaiian Salt…Lava salt with activated charcoal from the volcanos of Hawaii–a simple taste for the popcorn purist.

Masala Munch…spicy and a hint of sweet with all the boldness of a curry

Sweet Carob Crunch…like chocolate but better–no caffeine

Better Than Kettle Crunch…perfect balance of sweet and salty

Sweet Vanilla Crunch…fresh ground vanilla beans–need I say more

Moroccan Mint Munch…refreshingly sweet like peppermint candy but with real peppermint herb

Chipotle Crunch…rich and smoky with fiery heat

Sweet Strawberry Crunch…flavor of pure strawberry meets the crisp crunch of popcorn

And more…

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